Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ways to Monetize Blogs

Commercialization of your blog must undergo serious thinking and evaluation on whether you’re up to the challenge or not. Monetizing your blog is a higher level of blogging compared to the early days of blogging where you just express your feelings, write about your interests, or just want to create networks. It is considered a higher form of blogging since your main goal is to generate income. Now, if you’re up for the challenge of earning income through blogging, here are some ways on how to maximize that writing talent of yours.

Web pages and blogs nowadays are full of these advertisements. You have the Contextual Advertising, the most popular one, probably due to Google Adsense. It has made a major impact because the advertisements are more targeted, and are more likely to be clicked. Another one is Text Links Advertising or Link Popularity which uses the text link ads or adbrite. This advertisement specializes on placing a static text link ads on high quality websites where there is high traffic. There is also what they call Direct Advertising. Here you create a page or dedicate a portion of your blog which offers options to businesses to directly place banners or links on your website.

The other way you can earn is through commissions, others may call it affiliate program. Here you write something about the product and if someone buys that product you earn a percentage of there income. Sometimes it can be through a link inyour blog that leads them to the the page where they can purchase the product. The commission maybe big depending on the cost of the product being sold. .

Begging/ Donations
it never hurts to ask your readers directly for donations. It is not a shameful act especially if you have a good, honest and well composed blog. But of course you have to ask them in a polite way.Readers who truly value you work will be more than willing to support you. This is advisable if your blog has already a lot of followers.

Selling Products
If you have already mastered the way of blogging and already have a lot of follower, you may now sell the content of your blog through CDs. Your readers might want a compilation of your works. A good review of something you are selling could also result to a profit. You can also sell or endorse other products. A lot of big companies hire bloggers in order to promote their products.

Selling your blog
Sell your blog for a handsome amount of money. This way of monetizing your blog could be the most lucrative among the rest. But like any other product your blog must be on top of the line, must have a great content and a high level of traffic..

Monetization of blog will not happen overnight. It takes time, more good blogs and good traffic. Continue creating great blogs, and it’s pretty sure revenues will soon follow.


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